Welcome to my website. I am trying to list all of the murders (recorded) in Cheshire, up until 1954. To begin with I will endeavour to put a summary of each case, and when time permits, I will expand each story as best I can. I welcome additions from you the reader – if you have any comments or a knowledge of a particular case please let me know, and I will include it.

Look at the Kalendar of Executions first, and select a case; click on it and read it. Feedback is welcome.

Also a new index for Convicted but not Hanged did they get away with it ? Find those who were sentenced to Death, and then reprieved.

Bits and Bobs – perhaps potential for further research at some point?

Links and Research

Cheshire Hangmen,, a brief look at the finishers of the law.

Places of Execution

Sayings  everyday sayings we all use connected to capital punishment

Lock (up) Stocks, and Prisons in Cheshire