Welcome to the site

This is my first attempt at a site so please be patient!
I have researched and read over many years the crimes that took place in Cheshire and beyond. I began to realise that this knowledge is just sitting in a drawer, so now is the time to share it.
I also think that there is a lot of information out there, local historians, genealogists and many more might have a contribution to make to each tale. So I will put the story together as I know it, and as additional information comes in, the story will evolve and develop.


Well, as we wait for any answers from History – please be patient whilst we build the site. My plan is to publish here the many stories I know and have researched, and subject them to scrutiny from the audience. There must be people out there who know small details, or even huge details that will help to finish these tales. Please add to the stories through comments, and I will endeavour to weave them in.

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