William Bates 1848

William Bates was only 20, yet he was described as a Highwayman, and together with John Walmsley, also aged 20, tried to rob a corn dealer called Enick, near Addlington. Enick put up a fight, and was eventually overpowered by the two robbers, but local farm workers were alerted to the robbery, and gave chase, a veritable ‘hue and cry’. The robbers turned to face their pursuers, and opened fire. Bates killed William Wyatt, and Walmsley injured his brother. They were immediately apprehended, and tried and convicted of the crime, although Walmsley was later repievd and transported.
They confessed to other crimes, as a result of which two other wrongly convicted and sentenced to transportation were released.
Bates was hanged on 22nd April 1848

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