1881 William Osman

A Birmingham coppersmith he was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife, Hannah, at Woodley, near Stockport.
The couple met in St Petersburg when he was working as a brass finisher, and Hannah’s stepfather was working at a mill. They returned to England in 1873, moving to Birmingham. They were comfortably off, and had 2 children, but Osman was often violent, and she left him to return to her parents in Stockport. Osman pleaded with her to return over the next few years, and visited her regularly. She moved to Woodley, and during a meeting with Osman he cut her throat when he found she had been seeing another man. Hannah died later despite emergency treatment to repair the 9 inch gash in her windpipe.
Osman fled, but was spotted in Birmingham, and captured. His defence at his trial was that he had been provoked by his wife, but the jury found him guilty of murder, with a reccomendation of mercy.
His execution was set for the 10th of November, but was commuted on 10th

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