1824 William Parkinson, Dunham

Joseph Fletcher was on intimate terms with the daughter of William Parkinson, and went to call on her one evening when her father was just retiring to bed. He was not keen on her suitor, and he heard the commotion of his daughter tryin to get Fletcher to leave.He took a musket, and fixed bayonet, and attacked Fletcher, giving him several deep wounds, from which he later died. Parkinson himself disapeared in the direction of Manchester, and the following was published a few days later;

TEN GUINEAS REWARD WHEREAS WILLIAM PARKINSON, of Dunham-on-the Hill, in the county of Chester, Shopkeeper, stands charged on the Coroner’s Inquest, with killing and slaying Joseph Fletcher, at Dunham-on-the-H ill aforesaid, on Wednesday, the July inst. and has since absconded ;

NOTICE HEREBY GIVEN That Reward of TEN GUINEAS will given to any person who shall apprehend the said William Parkinson and lodge him in any of his Majesty’s Gaols and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS to any person who shall lodge him in the Castle of Chester, to paid Mr. Burgess, Police Officer, of Chester. The above William Parkinson about 70 years of age, has grey hair pitted with the small pox ; blind of one eye and lame on one arm ; about five feet eight inches high rather slender, and walks upright. When absconded, he bad on a snuff-coloured coat; light breeches, and white yarn stockings ; was seen at the Swan with two Necks Inn, in Shude Hill, Manchester, Sunday, the of July instant. July 26, 1824.

I have found no further trace of him, yet.

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