1841 Robert Sandys

Convicted at the assizes in September for the murder of his daughter Mary Ann, aged 4 years. There had also been another daughter Elizabeth die aged 6 months the same month He was initially tried along with his brother, who was acquitted, but had also had a young child die earlier the same year. His wife and sister in law were also accused, but not brought to trial. It was stated that he murdered his daughter with arsenic, with the intention of gaining insurance money from the Benevolent Burial Society.
The brothers, Irish, lived in adjoining cellars in Stockport, making mats, and with the deaths of three young children, there seemed little hope for Sandys. However his sentencing was postponed until the following assizes, whilst a point of law was examined; it was found there was no issue, and he was sentenced to death. Sentence was then commuted at the 1842 assizes.

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