Alice Holt

Alice was found guilty of the murder of her own mother by arsenic poisoning. She had got her mother insured with the Wesleyan Assurance Society, by virtue of getting a friend to impersonate her aged mother. The premium was 6d a week.Alicce and her mother lived with George Holt, with whom Alice ‘co-habitted’.
Several weeks after the insurance was in place, her mother , Mary Bailey, died, and Alice collected the £25 sum. The insurance company got to hear of the deception, and her mother’s body was disinterred, and found to contain large amounts of arsenic. Alice was arrested and charged, although her case was not tried at the summer assizes, as Alice was pregnant.
Alice tried to throw the blame onto George Holt, but she was tried and convicted

Her trial was on the 9th December, and took less than one day, and she was sentenced to die on December 28th (Monday). She was taken from the County to the City Gaol in the middle of the night before her execution, and on arrival had coffee and toast.
Her execution by Calcraft was not straitforward, the drop failed to operate twice, and her pitiful wailing could be heard across the silent audience of between 1 and 2 thousand people. When the drop finally fell, it took several minutes for her body to stop convulsing. Calcraft blamed the equipment.