James Knight 1776

James Knight was convicted of suspicion of stealing a cask of rum valued at £3, and was sentenced to 7 years transportation. However, whilst awaiting his sentence at the castle, there was a breakout – and he was re-captured and sentenced to death, and subsequently executed. I did want to only include murders on the site, but an escaped felon was too difficult to resist
The Police Gazette issued the following to be circulated, as some of those that had escaped from the castle

JAMES KNIGHT, about five feet fix inches high, twenty-eight years of age, round face, pitted with the fmal!-pox, brown complexion, dark brown hair, broad fet man had on fuftian coat and waiftcoat, born in Staffordfiiire, by trade a labourer ; under fentence of tranfportatibn for feven years.

JOSEPH KNIGHT, about five feet fix inches high, twenty-fix years of age, pale complexion, brown hair, a jittle pitted with the fmall pox had on brown coat, and itriped fuftian breeches born in Staftbrdlhire, by trade a labourer 1 under fentence of tranfportation for feven years.( This would seem to be a brother of the above but I can’t find any trace of him< perhaps he made good his escape)

JAMES TAYLOR, about four feet fix inches high, fifteen years of age, fair complexion, much pitied with the fmall-pox, light coloured hair 1 had on brown coat and waiftcoat, bom at Macclesfield 1 under fentence of death