John Dean 1790

John Dean was found guilty of the vicious murder of his wife, at their home in Stockport, in June of 1790. and he was hanged at Boughton before a very large crowd.
He had returned home very late from the public house, and began to shout at his wife. The lodger, Mary Bell, and the couple’s son began to try to calm the situation, but had to leap from a window to save them selves. Mary fetched Constable Thornley, who went to the house with assistance, and found the victim’s body seemed like ‘one big wound’.
A surgeon was called for, but could do nothing to save her; she was found to be pregnant and tried a caesarean operation, but the baby was dead also.
John Dean’s body was handed over for dissection after his execution, and his body also ordered to be hung in chains.

Chester Chronicle – Friday 03 September 1790