Kalender of Executions

For this part of the site I have tried to compile as accurate a list as I can from available resources – so if there is anything to add, please let me know. I have restricted this list to murders, whilst of course I am aware that there were many executions for lesser offences. I will try at some point to compile such a list.

Traditionally executions for Cheshire all took place in Chester ( until 1883) Felons from the County of Cheshire were held at Chester Castle, whilst felons from the City of Chester were held at the Northgate Gaol, and later in the House of Correction. Executions for both City and County condemned were the responsibility of the City authorities, something which became an issue for the City over the years, as they had to bear the costs involved. Malefactors would be handed over to the City officials on the morning of their executions, at the ‘Gloverstone’, the precise location of which has been lost in the mists of time. The City officials would then be responsible for the execution.



1591 Hugh Stringer hanged for the murder of Ann Carnage

1601 Jeffrey Bownd Pressed to death for refusing to plead
1602 Elizabeth Caldwell For attempting to poison her husband
1602 Isabelle Hall For assisting the above crime
1602 Arnet For murdering a fellow servant
1658 Anon female For poisoning her husband (burnt)
1689 John Taylor For murdering a prisoner (Taylor was a gaoler)
1692 William Geaton For the murder of James Findlove
1717 James Walter and Mark Sharp for the murder of a young woman
1750 Garrett Delaney For Murder of Bryan Molloy
1750 Edward Johnson For Murder of Bryan Molloy

1752 McCannally and Morgan for murder during a robbery

1754 Charles Potts Murder
1755 Sarah Dean Murder
1759 Stevenson for the murder of Mr Elcock ( not yet confirmed)
1763 Mary Heald Murder of husband – burned
1767 William Bostock Murder of step daughter
1767 Mary Newton Murder of her employers son
1774 Elizabeth Hyne For murdering her child
1776 James Knight for escaping custody
1777 Samual Thorley for murder and cannibalism, near Astbury, of Annie SMITH
1778 Sarah Sant For the murder of her child
1784 Elizabeth Wood for poisoning James SIMISTER at Bredbury
1786 Peter Steers for poisoning his wife
1789 Thomas Mate for the murder of a constable in Chester
1790 John Dean for the murder of his wife
23 Apr 1798 John Thornhill for the murder, at Lymm, of Sarah MALONE, aka Sally STATHAM
1810 Thomas Done for the murder of Betty ECKERSLEY
24 Aug 1812 John Lomas for the murder of George MORREY, his lover’s husband, a farmer in Hankelow
Apr 1813 Edith Morrey for the murder of her husband (above), sentence deferred until after the birth of her baby
1820 Jacob McGhinnes for murder
1823 Samual Fallows for the murder of his sweetheart
12 Apr 1824 Joseph Dale for the murder of William W OOD at Disley

1834 Samual Thorley for murder at Northwich
1841 Bartholemew Murray for the murder of Joseph and Mary COOKE at Over Peover
1843 James Ratcliffe for the murder of his wife
1844 Mary Gallop Mary Gallop for poisoning her father
1848 William Bates for the murder of William WYATT
20 Dec 1856 William Jackson for the murder of his two children
1857 John Blagg for the murder, in Tilstone, of John BEBBINGTON a gamekeeper
27 Aug 1861 Martin Doyle for attempted murder (the last execution for attempted murder) [a]
28 Dec 1863 Alice Holt for the murder of her mother
23rd April 1866 Samual Griffiths for the murder of Isaac Newport

In 1868, public execution was abolished in the UK. The following were executed inside Chester Gaol
02 Apr 1877 James BANNISTER for the murder, in Hyde, of his wife [a]
13 Aug 1877 Henry LEIGH for the murder of Alice HALTON, a child
21 Feb 1881 William STANWAY for the murder, in Macclesfield, of his partner Ann MELLOR
8 May 1883 Patrick CAREY aka John WHITE for the murder, in Smallwood, Congleton, of Samuel CARLAM and Mary MOHAN

In 1866 Chester became a military prison. Knutsford Prison became the County Gaol, the following were executed there.
22 Feb 1886 Owen McGILL for the murder, near Birkenhead, of his wife Mary
17 Aug 1887 Thomas H BEVAN for the murder of his aunt
08 Apr 1890 Richard DAVIES for the murder, in Crewe, of his father Richard DAVIES
22 Aug 1890 Felix SPICER for the murder of his two children in New Brighton [a]
1905 William HANCOCKS for the murder of his daughter
27 Nov 1906 Edward HARTIGAN for the murder, in Stockport, of his wife Catherine
12 Nov 1908 James PHIPPS for the murder, in Winsford, of Eliza WARBURTON age 10
1909 Commuted Pietro Castagh for the murder of Angelo Davids
19 Mar 1912 John WILLIAMS for the murder, in Birkenhead, of his wife Hilda Mary Josephine

In 1914 the military commandeered Knutsford Prison. The county’s executions had to take place elsewhere.
The following were in executed Walton Prison, Liverpool [L], or Strangeways Prison, Manchester [M]
1 Dec 1915 John James THORNLEY for the murder, in Macclesfield, of Frances JOHNSON his ex-girlfriend [L]
16 Aug 1917 William Thomas Hodgson for the murder in Wallasey, of his wife Margaret, and daughter Margaret[L]
11 Aug 1920 James ELLOR for the murder, in Hyde, of his wife Ada [L]
10 Apr 1923 Frederick WOOD, aka Ronald LEE & George WOOD, for the murder, in Bramhall, of Margaret Gilchrist WHITE [L]
8 Apr 1924 Francis Wilson BOOKER for the murder, in Carr’s Wood, Northenden, of Percy SHARPE [M]
23 Mar 1926 Lock Ah TAM for the murder, in Birkenhead, of his wife & daughters Catherine, Doris, & Ceclia [L]
16 Nov 1926 James LEAH for the murder, in Over Alderley, of his daughter Louise [L]
9 Apr 1946 Harold BERRY for the murder, near Winsford, of Bernard PHILIPPS [M]
19 Nov 1946 Arthur RUSHTON for the murder, in Birkenhead, of his girlfriend Catherine COOPER
15 Jan 1952 Alfred BRADLEY for the murder, in Wythenshawe, of George CAMP [M]
22 June 1954 Milton TAYLOR for the murder, in Nantwich, of his girlfriend Marie BRADSHAW [L]