Milton Taylor

Executed 22nd June 1954 for the murder of Marie Bradshaw. They both lived in the same street in Bury, Lancashire, and seem to have made some attempt to run away and start a new life together, and ended up in Nantwich, Cheshire.Taylor gave himself up to Police after stangling her in a hut, on the nantwich to Crewe road. He said that she had gotten on his nerves, and so he strangled her with a scarf.

Whilst researching another case at the National Archives, I requested to see the file for this case just to fill in some time. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was amazed that the folder contained the police evidence that was presented at the trial, including scenes of crime photo’s, a policemans notebook, ( worse handwriting than mine), and various maps and evidence sheets. Perhaps I will write more on this at some time, but it was an incredible moment – history slapped me in the face!!