Thomas Done 1810

Thomas Done and Robert Holroyd were both accused at the 1810 spring assizes of the murder of Betty Eckersley of Lymm. The accused were both ‘flatmen’ who worked on the canal boats, moving freight around the inland waterways of England. They had been drinking at a public house in Manchester with Betty and another woman. Thomas Done asked Betty to go abord the barge, and when she refused he carried her aboard. She was seen in the cabin the next day, and when the boat stopped at Lymm, cries were heard of a female in distress. A week or so later the body of Betty Eckersley was found, half inside a sack, and with 50-60 pounds of weight tied to it.
Thomas Done was found guilty at Chester Assizes, and Holroyd was aquitted. Done was hanged, and his body displayed for 2 days to the public, partially dissected, in the quarter sessions rooms.
He fainted on the way to the scaffold, and many spectators thought he was already dead. The Executioner was Sammy Burrows.