Thomas Mate 1789

Thomas Mate, aged 64 was beating his wife so severely that his wife, her face all bloody, begged neighbours to call for help. Two neighbours went to the Magistrate who immediately sent four constables to the house with a warrant to arrest Thomas Mate.The four had to break in the door, and proceeded to the upstairs room where Mate was. A gun was fired, and Constable John Parry fell to the floor, and within minutes was dead.
Soldiers were then sent for as Mate had again locked himself in, and following their appearance at the house, Mate gave himself up, and was committed to the Northgate Gaol.
He was convicted of murder, and sentenced to death. On the scaffold he denounced his prosecutors, and blamed his wife for her infidelity, despite her being nearly seventy years of age.
He was, according to the Chester Chronicl a ” a lamentable instance of human depravity”