William Stanway 1881

Stanway earned a living by making and selling brooms, and lived in Macclesfield with Ann Mellor. They had a daughter, plus an informally adopted daughter, Sarah Blunt.
Stanway returned home from his travels at 8.00 a.m. Christmas morning, 1880, and immediately went drinking with Ann. She left him early in the day to return home, and when Stanway arrived home later, he beat her with a poker, until she fled to the safety of a neighbours house.She returned later when she hoped he had clamed down, but he stabbed her in the stomach with a red hot poker. She died two days later, from blood poisoning. 9 year old Sarah gave evidence against Stanway, who claimed to remember nothing of the night. He was found guilty and hanged on 21st February 1881, by Marwood, with a drop of 8.5 feet, in Chester Castle.